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Cooperation with Africa

The EAIE has long provided a forum for members wishing to cooperate with partners in developing regions for capacity building purposes, through the Professional Section Educational Cooperation with Developing Countries(EDC).

Since 2009, a much broader cooperation has been established, involving the EAIE leadership and a number of partner organisations in Africa.

A strong call to action

During the EAIE conference in Nantes in 2010, Leymah Gbowee (Nobel peace prize laureate 2011) urged the EAIE to reach out to African higher education as a contribution to increasing the positive role of African universities to developing peaceful and democratic societies. The EAIE President, Gudrun Paulsdottir, took the challenge on the spot and promised an increased EAIE focus on Africa.

» Download the EAIE Forum magazine interview with Ms Gbowee

The EAIE task force on outreach – sub project for Africa

The outreach project to Africa is a follow up to this call to action within the scope of the EAIE mission. Through the project, the EAIE will contribute to promoting and professionalising the internationalisation of higher education in Africa. The EAIE will partner with African organisations, building up professional development training activities for the internationalisation of higher education. With a more professional approach to internationalisation, the African higher education sector will increase its control and outcomes of participation in international cooperation.

Representing Africa at EAIE conferences

Every year, the EAIE Annual Conference has a number of sessions, workshops and other events directly related to cooperation with the African higher education sector. Most of these sessions and workshops are organised by affiliates of the Professional Section EDC. The purpose of these sessions/workshops is to bring African perspectives into the global arena. To enable greater participation of speakers from low and lower-middle-income economy countries, the EAIE provides a reduced participation rate. Speakers from these countries can also apply for coverage of their travel costs.

Check back here for further updates on our outreach project to Africa.

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