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European Association for International Education

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Committed to internationalisation

The EAIE’s mission is to help professionalise our members and to actively serve all those involved in the internationalisation of higher education.

Within the European higher education area (EHEA) there are some 6000 higher education Institutions. In total some 60 000 people in the EHEA are working in internationalisation or related fields. We support these professionals through our annual conferences, our training courses and our publications. These core offerings of the Association are reinforced by a greater, overarching commitment: to use our respected position in the field to create positive change and promote dynamic collaboration across the entire European higher education arena.

EAIE at the forefront of developments

With almost 25 years of experience, we are using our solid foundation and expansive network of expertise and resources to help shape the future of international higher education. We enact change by providing our professional input in strategic discussions with key European stakeholders; by working to help build capacity in developing countries, and by providing a wide range of best practices through our expert communities across all the topics of internationalisation.
In this section you can view our current activities and learn exactly how the EAIE is active in the field of international higher education.

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