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The 2015 session call for proposals is closed. If you submitted a proposal, you can view it here. The Call for proposals for the EAIE 2016 Conference will open in October 2015.

Sessions last 30 to 60 minutes.There are three different formats for sessions:

  • Panel sessions: thought-provoking presentations and/or presentations introducing a novel idea followed by discussions with the audience.
  • Roundtable sessions: active group discussions on specific current topics introduced by the moderators.
  • Other types of sessions: you are free to use your creativity and suggest new formats to us.
Sessions are assessed based on the following criteria:
  • Quality of content
  • Relevance to the field
  • Innovativeness
  • Diversity of speakers


Panel and roundtable sessions

When are they held?
16–18 September 2015

How long do they last?
30 or 60 minutes.

Who can participate?

All conference participants.

What does it cost?

All sessions are included in the conference participation fee on a first come, first served basis. There is no additional fee to be paid or additional registration required for those who wish to attend any sessions.

Who is involved?
One chair who is in charge of leading the discussion, and two to three speakers (a maximum of two speakers for a 30-minute session) who share their viewpoints and engage in a discussion. It is recommended that approximately one-third of the session is dedicated to questions and answers, discussions or other formats that encourage audience participation. 

What are the formats?

Panel sessions
Panel sessions involve an informed panel of speakers presenting their ideas and findings on a given subject. The chair will introduce the session and the speakers as they present in turn. The chair will then facilitate the question and answer session with the audience at the end of the presentations.

Roundtable sessions
In contrast to the panel sessions, the speakers at a roundtable session act more as a resource rather than a speaker. The chair will introduce the session and the speakers, who may present a short presentation which will spark the discussions among the participants sitting in roundtables. The speakers will actively involve themselves in the table discussions. The chair will then facilitate the question and answer session with the audience at the end of the group discussions.

Other formats

Other innovative methods of presenting and outlining a session are welcomed and encouraged – for example very small group discussions, question and answer sessions, interactive games, for and against debates, illustrating with film, etc. Feel free to use your creativity in creating a new session format! We would love to hear your ideas!

» Download the sample session proposal form

Important dates
2015 Proposal outcomes:
Early March 2015
Online registration opens:
20 May 2015
Early bird deadline:
24 June 2015
Online registration closes:
26 Aug 2015
27th Annual EAIE Conference:
15–18 September 2015
2016 Call for proposals:
October 2015

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