European Association for International Education

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A member-led organisation, the EAIE is governed by members who hold elected positions on the Leadership.

The governance of the Association is truly international, with members of the Board and General Council being drawn from across Europe. The General Council is responsible for the strategy, budget and accounts of the organisation. The Board is the executive body, which monitors the implementation of the strategy. The President and the Vice-President sit on the Board and represent the Association around the world.

EAIE members can join Expert Communities, groups which specialise in different areas of international higher education. Each community has its own elected Steering group to coordinate its activities.


The EAIE also has four volunteer committees, which are appointed by the Board, and work on various activities of the Association:


Conference Programme Committee
Professional Development Committee
Publications Committee
Laura Rumbley

Boston College Center for International Higher Education, USA

Awards and Talent Committee
Knowledge Development Task Force
Timothy Rogers

International Higher Education Consultants UK Ltd., UK

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