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Educational Cooperation with Developing Countries (EDC)

EDC members are involved in all aspects of educational cooperation with developing countries, ranging from policy development and information dissemination to liaison work, project development, implementation and management, and student advising.


EDC aims to bring together professionals in educational cooperation from the North and the South in order to promote a dialogue on a European scale concerning all aspects of cooperation with the developing world. Members discuss how the European higher education sector can cooperate with partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America, specifically on issues concerning human development, either on a global or on a local scale.


EDC aims to serve the interests of its members by enhancing the professional competence and expertise of its members by:

  • Sustaining and improving communication among its members, thus making available to them the resources of information that already exist throughout the group.
  • Serving as a forum for discussion and networking in which affiliates of EDC can compare and share their experiences of educational cooperation with developing countries.
  • Facilitating the involvement of colleagues from developing countries in the activities of the EAIE, since this is perceived to be crucial for any in-depth discussions on educational cooperation with the developing world.
  • Continuously improving the quality of EDC sessions at the Annual EAIE Conference.
  • Establishing working relations with colleagues in other international organisations.


EDC Chair
EDC Board
Han Aarts

Maastricht University Centre for International Cooperation in Academic Development, the Netherlands

Alva Bruun

Centre for International Mobility, Finland

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