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Marketing & Recruitment (M&R)

M&R caters to the needs of those EAIE members who: have or want to develop international marketing and recruitment responsibilities within HEIs; have overall managerial responsibilities within HEIs and want to learn more about the communication aspects of international higher education markets; have international marketing responsibilities at a national or international level.


M&R aims to create a framework for professional and sustainable success in this new and rapidly growing sector of international marketing and recruitment at European universities, with a focus on degree-seeking students. This success is characterised by offering quality education and excellent services to candidates, students and alumni while maintaining maximum cost effectiveness in executed activities.


  • Serve as a forum for discussion and networking by the means of the M&R LinkedIn group (over 2000 members and growing).
  • Be a knowledge base for both international marketers and senior management at HEIs.
  • Share hands-on experience and best practice in the field of international marketing and recruitment, aimed at the various needs of higher education institutions.
  • Establish and strengthen links with similar associations in other parts of the world.
  • Develop and offer state-of-the-art sessions and workshops on international marketing and recruitment for the EAIE members and other professionals attending the EAIE Annual Conference.
  • Develop and offer training courses in line with current developments in the field and the demand by middle and senior higher edcuation management at the EAIE Academy.
M&R Chair
M&R Steering group
M&R Resource persons
Olga Krylova

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia

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