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Management of Programmes in Lifelong Education (MOPILE)

MOPILE supports professionals involved in all aspects of European programmes from policy development and information dissemination to liaison work, European project management and mobility activities.

Administrators and academics, working in and concerned with any of the previous European educational programmes such as the Lifelong Learning Programme, Tempus, Erasmus Mundus and the new programme, Erasmus+, will feel at home at MOPILE.


MOPILE aims to contribute to the internationalisation of higher education institutions through increased participation in European programmes within education. MOPILE has a clear focus on European Union (EU) added value activities, both within the EU and beyond: learning opportunities for individuals; institutional cooperation between educational institutions, businesses, local and regional authorities and NGOs; reform and modernisation of education and training systems in order to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and employability.


  • Serve as a forum for discussion and networking and therefore facilitating communications between the members.
  • Provide early information on new and future EU programmes.
  • Establish working relations with colleagues in other international organisations.
  • Recommend workshops and sessions on topics related to European programme management.
  • Suggest and develop training courses related to European programme management.
  • Prepare workshops and sessions for the upcoming conferences.
  • Highlight the views of its members at national and European levels.
  • Network with the European Commission and Executive Agency.
  • Search for alliances with other relevant organisations/networks.


MOPILE Steering group

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