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Languages for Intercultural Communication and Mobility (LICOM)

LICOM supports professionals working with diverse cultures and languages in educational institutions, business, human services, governmental and non-governmental agencies.


LICOM aims to provide a platform for its members to increase their understanding and competence in language (in the broadest sense) and in intercultural issues related to language; to promote international cooperation through better understanding of linguistic and associated cultural identities; and to keep members informed of the latest trends in the fields of second language acquisition, language assessment, linguistic aspects of intercultural communication.


  • Support and create networking activities involving newcomers but also strengthening existing contacts.
  • Identify topics and target groups in order to initiate proposals for professional development courses.
  • Contribute to EAIE publications.
  • Maintain and develop the cooperation with other European and worldwide associations, networks and professionals.
  • Organise sessions and workshops of best quality and trendsetting in order to achieve sustaining success.
  • Support the general activities of the EAIE regarding professional development especially on the new initiative of the EAIE Academy.
  • Co-organise, participate and wherever possible present at related conferences to increase EAIE and LICOM visibility.


LICOM Steering group
LICOM Resource persons

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