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Internationalisation at Home (IaH)

IaH brings together all those who are involved in developing strategies and practice for the internationalisation of higher education curricula, particularly for the non-mobile majority of students.


Internationalisation at Home focuses on the internationalisation of curricula in higher education for all students, particularly the non-mobile majority of students. The formal and informal curriculum are both areas of attention for the group, as well as the full range of tools to shape internationalisation of the curriculum, such as international classrooms, virtual mobility, visiting guest lecturers and student research with an international focus.

IaH aims to ensure that research in the field is feeding into both policy and teaching and learning processes that contribute to the development and assessment of international and intercultural competences in all students.


  • Provide a platform for exchange of practice and experiences.
  • Maintain links with universities and organisations outside Europe, that are involved in internationalising university curricula.
  • Offer professional development and training courses.
  • Present examples of practice.
  • Contribute to research and publications on policy and practice for IaH.
  • Link practice in Europe with that in other parts of the world.
IaH Chair
Jos Beelen

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

IaH Steering group

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