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Employability skills, graduate careers and international internships (EMPLOI)

EMPLOI represents all those involved in preparing students for entering the labour market, helping them to make informed career decisions, arranging placements with a work experience provider and facilitating full-time employment with a graduate employer.


EMPLOI aims to be the leading European network of higher education professionals dealing with employability skills, careers guidance and international internships. In the current context of increasing globalisation in education and industry, EMPLOI aims to support institutions in preparing their students to succeed in the global labour market.


  • To debate on relevant issues to enable policy makers and major stakeholders to understand the views of EMPLOI affiliates on issues relating to employability, career guidance, career service provision, and internships.
  • To provide a dynamic and interactive network open to a wide range of relevant stakeholders (from institutions, organisations, to employers) in order to facilitate sharing knowledge and expertise, best practice, contacts.
  • To pro-actively seek interaction with employers of all kinds in order to better understand their needs and to share issues and relevant information which could help improve cooperation between employers and the education sector.
  • To engage positively with other organisations working in this field, in order to share our experience and networks for the best interest of all our stakeholders.
  • To promote best practice in the organisation of internships, career guidance, careers service provision and employability skills training and to offer formal and informal training in these areas.
  • To promote the internship concept and strive to ensure that our members have all the tools they need for their students to able to benefit from some kind of work experience during their education.
  • To provide a forum for consultation on all kinds of issues related to identifying and managing internships, with particular regard for:
  1. Quality assurance
  2. Assessment and evaluation
  3. Legal status
  4. Administrative obstacles (visa insurance)
  5. Disseminate information on national regulations (eg immigration, taxation, social security, insurance)
  6. Resources for identifying placements
  7. Programmes and funding 


EMPLOI Steering group
EMPLOI Resource persons

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