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Expert Communities

The EAIE has 15 different Expert Communities that provide specialised expertise in key areas of international education for EAIE members.

For all those involved in disability services for higher education institutions.
Admissions Officers and Credential Evaluators (ACE)
For all those involved in credential evaluation, student mobility and recognition of periods of study abroad.
Economics and Business Studies (EBS)
For administrators, advisers, educators and scholars in the field of Economics and Business Studies.
Educational Cooperation with Developing Countries (EDC)
For professionals involved in all aspects of educational cooperation with developing countries, ranging from policy development and information dissemination to liaison work, project development, implementation and management, and student advising.
Employability skills, graduate careers and international internships (EMPLOI)
For professionals involved in employability skills, international internships and graduate careers.
Health Internationalisation (HI)
For those active in the field of internationalisation of health care education, and health science education.
International Alumni Relations (INTAL)
For alumni officers, international relations managers, and other professionals dealing with alumni constituency, setting up new alumni relations programs.
A platform for all those involved in Internationalisation at Home.
International Relations Managers (IRM)
For those with overall managerial responsibilities or those who work with institutional policies at an institutional or departmental level, or managers at national/international organisations within the field of international education.
Languages for Intercultural Communication and Mobility (LICOM)
For professionals working with diverse cultures and languages in educational institutions, business, human services, governmental and non-governmental agencies. 
For all those involved in all aspects of European programmes from policy development and information dissemination to liaison work, European project development and management as well as student advice.
Marketing and Recruitment (M&R)
For those who develop, or wish to develop, international marketing and recruitment responsibilities within higher education institutions, or have international marketing responsibilities at a national or international level.
For academic and administrative personnel engaged in running, or interested in establishing, summer courses at university level for international students.
Psychological Counselling in Higher Education (PSYCHE)
For professionals in the field of guidance and counselling for domestic and international students.
Study Abroad and Foreign Student Advisers (SAFSA)
For all those involved in providing services and guidance to foreign students and scholars, advising students about study abroad opportunities or promoting study abroad programmes in their institutions.

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