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Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation

This award recognises and rewards higher education institutions which are actively engaged in the practice of internationalisation. Institutions with a demonstrable track record in strategic innovation in the internationalisation of higher education will be considered.


The call for 2015 award nominations is now closed.

Eligibility criteria

The nominee is a European higher education institution – of which at least one individual is an EAIE member – and which fulfils the following criteria:
  • It has introduced academic and/or support programmes which have enhanced the international impact of the institution, thus attracting international students, faculty and staff.
  • It has established partnerships and alliances to promote international higher education, share best practice, and positively affect institutional development.
  • It has integrated internationalisation in strategic planning, infrastructure development, research, curriculum, staff development, teaching, student experience and learning outcomes as well as alumni relations.
  • It can demonstrate positive development through providing information on key performance indicators for internationalisation.

The winning institution will receive

  • Two fee waivers to the EAIE Annual Conference.
  • The opportunity to share its success story at a special session of the EAIE Annual Conference.
  • Extensive visibility via all EAIE online channels.
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