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Gain recognition and prestige for outstanding endeavours in international higher education. See each award for eligibility criteria.

Rewarding excellence

We acknowledge and reward individuals and institutions who have made a substantial contribution to the internationalisation of higher education. Our awards widely recognise dedicated work and ensure visibility in the higher education world by putting the winners in the spotlight at the EAIE conference, the largest higher education event in Europe, as well as across all our promotion channels. Check out the inspiring stories of this year's winners.

Nominations are evaluated annually by the EAIE Awards and Talent Committee, a circle of prominent EAIE members. Only EAIE members may submit nominations. Please see each individual award for information about the nomination deadline.


You can submit nominations for the following awards:

Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation
Rewarding institutions that are actively engaged in the practice of internationalisation.

Bo Gregersen Award for Best Practice
Honouring innovative contributions to the field of international higher education.

Tony Adams Award for Excellence in Research
Recognising innovativeness, influence and impact on theory/practice of internationalisation.

Constance Meldrum Award for Vision and Leadership
Rewarding inspiring leaders for significant contributions to the field of international higher education.

Rising Star Award
Acknowledging outstanding contributions to the field made by newcomers to the EAIE.

The Transatlantic Leadership Award
Recognising individuals for leading important educational exchange between Europe and North America.

EAIE President's Award
Honouring individuals for extraordinary work and dedication to the EAIE.

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