2014 Annual Report

European Association for International Education

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A look back at 2014

In 2014, the EAIE celebrated its 25th anniversary. This milestone year was marked not only by reflecting on the past 25 years of the EAIE and the internationalisation of higher education, but also the future of our continually evolving field and our drive to keep innovating, learning and thriving both with and on behalf of our members.

Check out some of the highlights from this special anniversary year. For more details, download the full report.

Our core activities

Prague 2014

The 27th Annual Conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic from 16-19 September 2014. The theme of the conference was 'Stepping into a new era', marking the significant transformations of the international education field.

EAIE Academy

This bi-annual training event, hosted by The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands in the spring, and Budapest Business School, Hungary in the autumn, featured a host of new courses delivered by a group of highly-skilled, international trainers.

Launched in 2014, our brand new webinars offered a new kind of training experience. In just one hour and from anywhere in the world, participants gained the extra piece of knowledge they needed to round out their expertise.



We added to our in-depth knowledge base of all the major topics in the internationalisation of higher education, including new themes in Forum magazine, more issues of the Handbook, our very first e-book, and the EAIE blog bringing more news, takeaways and commentaries.

The EAIE Barometer

In order to gain detailed insights into the experiences of those at the heart of internationalisation, we surveyed practitioners to get their perspectives. Started in 2014, the EAIE Barometer is the first study to map the internationalisation of higher education in Europe as viewed by those directly involved in the internationalisation of their institutions.

Spotlight Seminar

The first ever Spotlight seminar, jointly organised by EAIE Expert Communities ACCESS, EMPLOI, PSYCHE and SAFSA, was a new thematic event providing a platform for sharing best practice, research and policy on all aspects of student services and support. Hosted by the Freie Universität Berlin, the theme of this 1.5 day event was 'Helping students succeed: core elements of student support'.

Our members

2014 Elections

EAIE members helped shape the future of the EAIE by casting their votes for the 2014–2016 EAIE Leadership. The newly elected Vice-President, Board, General Council and Expert Community Steering groups began their term at the 26th Annual EAIE Conference.

Involvement opportunities

In addition to elected positions within the EAIE, members had an opportunity to share their time, talent and expertise through a range of involvement opportunities, including developing supportive relationships within the Mentorship programme and impacting the conference programme as a Conference session evaluator.

Our financials

Financially successful year

Revenue increases across our various activities enabled us to better serve our members.

Thank you

Many thanks to all those who contributed their time and expertise to our activities in 2014. Your commitment to advancing the international higher education field continues to inspire us.

» Download the full 2014 Annual Report

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