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Winter Forum submission deadline: 7 October

Managing internationalisation: the new international officer

As internationalisation of higher education continues to evolve, management is central to successfully advancing these efforts. This issue highlights some of the best practices and challenges in the management of internationalisation. Special focus goes to the International Officers (IOs) who are at the heart of these developments. The profile and skills needed to manage internationalisation are plentiful; IOs work in a multitude of institutional and cultural settings and cooperate with diverse stakeholders such as senior management and academics. While there is not a defined path to pursuing a career in this field, there are general competencies. Potential article topics include:

  • Who is the European international officer of today?
  • The professionalisation of the IO in Europe: How do you make a career in internationalisation?
  • The role of IOs in integrated or ‘comprehensive’ internationalisation
  • Blended professionals managing internationalisation
  • Reflective practice: the IO as a ‘practitioner-researcher’
  • Academics and administrators: fostering cooperation
  • Managing up and managing down: working with diverse stakeholders
  • Communicating internally and externally: addressing diverse audiences
  • Managing internationalisation in different institutional settings
  • Managing entrepreneurial internationalisation
  • Generation gap? Leveraging the perspectives of new and long-time staff within one international office


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