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12 Apr 2017

Mapping international student fees in Europe

Tuition fees for international students are a much debated topic. The rationale for introducing fees, different fee-structures and the consequences they have are both value-laden and concrete economic questions. The fee policies and structures are constantly evolving in Europe and, as an international officer, having a good overview of who charges international students what is… Read more »

30 Mar 2017

Hashtag heroes: using social media to combat intolerance

Since the Brexit referendum passed in the UK in the summer of 2016 and the election of Donald Trump in the USA in November 2016, higher education institutions in both nations have launched social media campaigns aimed at welcoming international students. These campaigns spread messages of inclusion across the internet on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… Read more »

08 Mar 2017

Learning internationalisation strategy: promoting and protecting core academic values

The previous blog post in this series stressed the critical importance of scanning the external environment for opportunities and threats to internationalisation, particularly at a time when multiculturalism is being devalued and denigrated. President Trump’s moves to institute restrictions on the travel of Muslims from a number of countries to the USA – among other… Read more »

07 Dec 2016

Learning internationalisation strategy: time to get real

In the institutional strategic planning process, the task of regularly scanning the external environment to identify both opportunities and threats is now more critical than ever. Regardless of the extent to which institutions seek, or claim, to be international, the recent election of Donald Trump to the USA presidency, and the emerging consequences of the United… Read more »

18 Nov 2015

Academics vs. administrators: Who should rule the internationalisation roost?

At the EAIE Conference in Glasgow, one of the now traditional debate sessions took place with speakers, including myself, from 5 different countries fiercely debating the role of administrators and academics in the international arena. Who should hold sway and why? For those of you that have never attended an EAIE debate, the topics debated are current… Read more »

30 Oct 2013

Beyond intuition: towards informed internationalisation strategies

Strategy is about making tough choices. As Michael Porter asserts in the Harvard Business Review, “Strategy renders choices about what not to do as important as choices about what to do.” Higher education leaders are expected to drive the decision-making processes and set the future directions for their universities or departments. Rahul Choudaha, winner of… Read more »

29 Oct 2013

How to get a headache by winning an award

This is the first blog in a series of posts highlighting some of the 2013 EAIE Award winners and the significant contributions they have made to the international higher education field. Read the University of Helsinki’s award story. As the winner of the 2013 EAIE Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation, they’ve shared some tips… Read more »

08 Feb 2013

Strategic planning: realise your internationalisation goals

Many of us in the field of higher education have long-standing experience in our fields of expertise but are still relatively new to the concept of strategic planning, especially when this involves the whole institution. How might we define strategic planning with regards to international education, and what needs to happen within the institution if… Read more »

03 Aug 2012

Becoming more strategic about internationalisation

In today’s increasingly global and competitive environment, universities are being forced to think more strategically about how to position and profile themselves in order to respond to externally driven change, and internationalisation is increasingly identified as a key response. This is where, and why, strategic planning and internationalisation are coming together, with internationalisation objectives increasingly… Read more »