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10 Sep 2012

Open Educational Resources – the future of learning?

Have you ever thought of attending a seminar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), in the United States but are afraid of flying? Do you want to enrol in an MBA programme, but are worried about being able to finance it? How about learning more about Marketing (or Finance, or Human Resources…), but not wanting to spend a whole day in a Business School?     Continue Reading
30 Aug 2012

A higher calling for higher education

Conference Conversation StarterThe recent (in some cases, ongoing) economic crises affect all international educators in some shape or form. As societies and governments around the world look to higher education to take a more front-line stance in the battle to drive economic stability, it’s worth pausing for reflection on key aspects of the global environment that are shaping the educational world around us. Continue Reading
16 Aug 2012

Going the extra mile for internationalisation

The EAIE is committed to recognising the outstanding contributions of professionals and institutions working in internationalisation of higher education. Each year, the EAIE presents awards to individuals and institutions which have ‘gone the extra mile’ for international higher education, officially honouring them at the Annual EAIE Conference. Here, the EAIE is proud to introduce the innovative university and the remarkable professionals who have been pursuing outstanding endeavours. Continue Reading
03 Aug 2012

Becoming more strategic about internationalisation

university internationalisation strategiesIn today’s increasingly global and competitive environment, universities are being forced to think more strategically about how to position and profile themselves in order to respond to externally driven change, and internationalisation is increasingly identified as a key response. This is where, and why, strategic planning and internationalisation are coming together, with internationalisation objectives increasingly (re)shaping both the academic agenda and the organisational structure of many universities. Continue Reading
27 Jul 2012

Keynote speakers for the EAIE Conference are revealed!

Polar explorer, Robert Swan; Nobel Peace laureate, Leymah Gbowee; innovative business entrepreneur, Christian Stadil: what do these high profile figures have in common? They’ve all given uplifting keynote speeches at recent EAIE Conferences, and this year’s speakers promise to be every bit as inspirational!   We are very excited to announce the keynote speakers who will be joining us in Dublin for the 2012 EAIE Conference: Sugata Mitra and Caroline Casey.   Continue Reading
20 Jul 2012

Setting up a summer school: where to start?

international summer schools toolkitYou have worked in internationalisation at a European university for several years and lately, you have noticed that a number of your partner universities are running summer schools or are in the process of setting them up. Where does this ‘summer school buzz’ come from? Is it worthwhile exploring the options for your university? Continue Reading
28 Jun 2012

What intercultural skills do you need as a trainer?

intercultural skills for trainersEAIE training courses have many particularities, one of them being that they always take place in an intercultural, multi-lingual environment. This is of course part of what makes them so interesting, and also at times so challenging.   After being a trainer in such an environment for almost two decades, I realise that I will never finish learning what needs to be learned in such a context – and thank goodness! Continue Reading
22 Jun 2012

The international officer as a diplomat

At the International luncheon at the NAFSA Conference in Houston we were treated to a speech by the recently appointed Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Jan Eliasson, former UN mediator, diplomat and Swedish Foreign Minister among other merits.   Jan Eliasson’s speech was the highlight of the conference. The experience and knowledge that this man has accumulated through his career is beyond imagination.   Continue Reading
05 Jun 2012

4 steps for creating sustainable academic partnerships

Are you considering collaborating with one or more higher education partners to add value to your institution? In the rapidly changing global society, HEIs need academic partners to exchange people, ideas and methods, and institutional partnerships have become big business. But how do you create partnerships which are truly sustainable? Here, Nico Evers and Jenneke Lokhoff provide you with some essential tips based on the recommendations of experts in European-Asian partnerships.  Continue Reading