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12 Jan 2017

Spotlight Seminar: the case for market segmentation

There is a well-known saying that goes, “an offer that is acceptable for all is perfect for no one”. This is certainly true, and competition is fierce in the world of international higher education. It is estimated that at least 7000 higher education institutions actively recruit international students – and that these students all apply to an average of five… Read more »

17 Oct 2016

Why an editorial style guide is critical for higher education marketing

Universities are becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage their brand across diverse departments, programmes, and divisions. More and more, there are written guidelines governing how to use the logo, fonts, or colours, but the words themselves often fall through the cracks. Yet an editorial style guide is a critical part of ensuring that… Read more »

13 Sep 2016

Valuing international students in marketing and recruitment

The drive for universities to internationalise is often not based on morality or ethics, but on good economic sense. The financial contribution made to universities – and the host country – by international students is immense. However, at many, if not all, higher education institutions, the focus is on growing international recruitment at the lowest… Read more »

23 Aug 2016

Four simple ways to stand out in a crowded higher education market

Many institutions and programmes worry about how they can show how different they are from their competitors, which makes certain logical sense. If prospects are considering a number of options (as they do!), it feels right that you’d have to show them exactly why your programme stands out. Here’s the problem with that approach: higher… Read more »

13 Jul 2016

Measuring ROI in international student recruitment

This week on the EAIE blog, we will be covering the summer issue of Forum magazine. This whole issue is dedicated to data in international education. We look at how it can be and is used, as well as collected by practitioners. Further to yesterday’s blog post on a similar issue, today’s blog post looks… Read more »

31 May 2016

Key resources for marketing and recruitment: professionals weigh in

Today on the EAIE blog, we hear from three marketing and recruitment experts working in different national contexts. They are: Aisling Tiernan, who works across Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Andrew Disbury, who is based in the UK and works internationally; and Joanna Kumpula, who is active in Finland. They spill their secrets about… Read more »

28 Apr 2016

Non-EU student tuition fees in Europe

In the last decade more European countries have introduced tuition fees for non-EU students. This move to differentiate tuition fees for international (non-EU) students versus domestic and EU students seems to be a trend (eg Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, etc). In 2017, Finland joins the tuition competition as the national government passed… Read more »

26 Apr 2016

10 reasons why rankings matter in higher education

University leadership and policy wonks excitedly await the results of yearly university rankings. Part of the excitement is waning, however, due to the same (old) institutions being listed every year. In the EAIE Barometer study, 35% of practitioners indicated that improving international reputation or position in rankings is one of the top three reasons for internationalising…. Read more »